Leave the paperwork to us

Most company directors wouldn’t spend their day ticking boxes if given the choice – but increasingly, that keeps happening. These days, many directors are taking on the endless paperwork required by Companies House by themselves, leaving them no time to actually run their business.

Running a company is challenging enough without the endless paperwork required by Companies House to contend with, so why not let us relieve some of that burden? We can handle all your company secretarial duties so you don’t have to stress.

Our company secretarial services are here to support you from the very beginning of your company’s life. Company formation can be complicated, so we’ll complete all the necessary paperwork to get you registered, dealing with Companies House and HMRC on your behalf.

Time and organisation are at the heart of our company secretarial services. We’ll prepare your company’s statutory books and update Companies House in the event of any changes, as well as prepare minutes and resolutions of your meetings with shareholders.

We’ll also take care of your legal documents, and prepare and file your statutory returns each year, ensuring you meet all your obligations.

As a company director, you’ll want to take advantage of all the time and peace of mind you can get. Our company secretarial duties will give you the breathing room to focus on what you do best.

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